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About our Seminars

  • Resource Management
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  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Target Group:
    Managers, organizers, project managers, process analysts
  • Category: Resource Management
  • Prerequisites:
  • 620,00 € plus tax / 737,80 € incl. taxes
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  • Order Code: GOV-Res
  • The seminar provides a thorough overview of the topic of resource management, its integration into IT as well as key aspects and requirements and the essential resource management processes that are to be implemented into IT. The workshop also provides pragmatic guidelines for possible implementation scenarios into different organizational structures.
  • Contents:
    Overview of the requirements of a functioning resource management. Key processes in resource management. The role of a resource manager – responsibilities, competencies, activities. Possible implementation scenarios in different organizational structures.

    • Requirements for a successful implementation
    • Pragmatic design methods
    • Support through a Project Management Office

  • AQRO™ Foundation
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  • Duration: 3 Days
  • Target Group:
    Management, strategic and operational decision makers, consultants
  • Category: Resource Management
  • Prerequisites:
  • 1,390,00 € plus tax / 1,654,10 € incl. taxes
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  • Order Code: HRM_AF
  • AQRO™ – Active Qualified Human Resource Organization is an efficient, easy to implement method for resource management, which has the following advantages:

    For the company and the Board of Directors:
    Finally efficiency!
    (3/4 day per employee and per week)

    For managers and team leaders:
    Finally Facts!
    (Insight, familiar with the employee workload, able to clearly plan, authentic reporting to the top, able to say “No”)

    For the employee:
    Finally work undisturbed!
    (Clear responsibilities, less stressful work, less overtime)

  • Contents:
    • Why Resource Management with AQRO™
    • Uses of AQRO™
    • Actual situations and challenges of resource management

    • The AQRO™ Method
    • Structure and organization of AQRO™
    • Major processes and roles in AQRO™
    • Basics of defining and creating role definitions and role descriptions

    • Exercise of role descriptions in group work with plenary stage

    • The RACI Model (with exercise)
    • Basic rules for the smooth interaction of the roles in AQRO™ using a variety of examples

    • Stumbling blocks that must be considered in the manifestation

    • Overview of the minimum manifestation of Human Resource Management after AQRO™

    • Rules for extension of AQRO™
    • Principles of the instrument “Service Schedule”

    • Each employee the right role – Introduction to the AQRO™ method

    Final exercise of the content of Day 1 and Day 2 based on a scenario

    An additional certification exam fee in the amount of € 189.00 plus tax (€ 224.91 incl. taxes) is billable per participant. The exam is on the last day of training, in the afternoon session.

  • AQRO™ Implementation
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  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Target Group:
    Management, strategic and operational decision makers, consultants
  • Category: Resource Management
  • Prerequisites:
    AQRO™ Foundation certification
  • 1,390,00 € plus tax / 1,654,10 € incl. taxes
  • –––––––
  • Order Code: HRM_AP
  • Objective: Convey the basic knowledge for the implementation of a department and organization-wide Human Resource Management on the basis of the role-based working-model in accordance with AQRO™
  • Contents:
    • Line Organization versus Project Organization – a challenge with a wide range of difficulties
    • Essential characteristics of AQRO™
    • The four fundamental processes in comprehensive Human Resource Management in accordance with AQRO™
    • Significant new roles for comprehensive Human Resource Management in accordance with AQRO™
    • Implementation of AQRO™ in the own organizational unit
    • Which prerequisites should be considered?
    • How to proceed?
    • How to deal with resistances?
    • Tips and Tricks for the implementation
    • How to achieve sustainability?
    • Exercises on base of different implementation scenarios

Our Seminars locations are:

  • Bad Camberg (near autobahn A3)
  • Mainz (near the main train station) and in
  • Neu-Anspach (Hessenpark)

It may occur that seminars take place in other locations than above. Please check indicated seminar location on your seminar confirmation document.
All locations have sufficient free parking facilities.

In all of our full-day seminars drinks and lunch are included in the listed prices.
All listed prices are subject to and do not include 19% value added tax.

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