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Welcome to AQRO™!

With AQRO™ you can define and implement clear structures, increase efficiency, significantly improve transparency and gain IT-control in your business. The new role-based control mechanism “Active Qualified Human Resource Organization” (AQRO™) can yield up to 1,5 hours per day and employee, thus providing a total gain of approximately one day a week per employee! A huge benefit for each and every business! AQRO™ can be implemented in large IT-departments as well as in  small and medium enterprises with 7 or more employees.

Gain more control over your IT

A company’s IT-department or potentially any other department can be difficult to control – as well as for you as divisional supervisor or for management. There always seems to be a lack of transparency. But what if it was possible to manage the exact utilization of each employee? What if you could know exactly which employee is working on which project and who has time available to take on new tasks; who is overworked and who is underutilized? What if you could clearly identify at which point  the team’s capacity is exploited?

More Efficiency – less Shifting Roles

Based on given task requirements, you might often have to assume frequently alternating roles – a very time and energy consuming matter. The situation is especially stressful, when employees are interrupted by co-workers, superiors, external partners or clients, who do not understand or are not aware of which specfic role the employee is momentarily assuming. Distractions reduce efficiency and quality significantly. That is a clear fact! Psychological studies have shown that each distraction costs the business 15-20 minutes of valuable worktime.

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