AQRO™ Stress-Free und Efficient Human Resource Management

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Every day work often appears like this: Workers are over­burdened, because they continuously have to switch from one task to the next and are exposed to excessive external requirements and always having to be accessible. That leads to negative health impacts and reduced efficiency.

Whoever wants to change this, is well-advised to take a closer look at AQRO™. We help companies increase their productivity and introduce more transparency in their workflow. We systematically identify the problem areas and lay the foundation for role-based work. The goal: Re­duce set-up time that delays the workflow to a minimum.

Human resource management is one of the most impor­tant disciplines in corporate management. So much the worse that to date no practical concept existed which fostered stress-free and efficient human resource ma­nagement. AQRO™ HRM Stress-Free Efficiency closes this gap and yields for one thing key competitive advantages for the company and additionally provides managers, team leaders and workers with substantial benefits in their daily business.

Implementation of AQRO™ HRM Stress-free Efficiency delivers the following advantages: 

For the company and senior management:
Efficiency at last!
(3/4 day per employee per week)
For managers and team leaders:
Facts at last!
(Transparency, know the employees’ workload, be able to make clear plans, genuine reporting up the chain, ability to say “No”)
For the employee:
Work without distractions at last!
(Clear responsibilities, work with less stress, less overtime)

Author: Dr. Consuela Utsch
Publisher: Dr. Consuela Utsch; Edition: First Edition (2014)

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